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Gem Show is a weekly live broadcast on It airs on Tuesdays at 11pm GMT. Past episodes can be viewed on Patreon.

Gem Show is broadcast on the Watchsticks Bar & Grill Municipal Broadcast Network, an internal service channel displayed in restaurants and hotel rooms at Watchsticks locations across the world. It is simulcast to each week.

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In episode 3, Gem participates in a stock image photoshoot for the Watchsticks Image Library. This leads to a library of images being created that are occasionally used in ad campaigns for various companies, usually against Gem's will. 

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Since episode 6, Gem has been caught up in an agreement with Watchsticks Art Holdings, and a private affiliate (Markman Galleries of Puyallup, WA) to imbue a piece of wood with commercial value by gradually progressing a painting on it each week in a separate livestream. During Gem Show, the progress on the painting is discussed, and a decision is made whether to sell it or keep working on it. 

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Watchsticks Art Holdings' frustration with the slow progress of the work has led them to branch out into selling digital replicas of the work as it stands each week as Non-Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain, much to Gem's confusion and suspicion. As of Episode 9, one work (Stream Painting 01) is available for sale on

Current NFT sale status

Stream Painting 01 is available and accepting bids on Rarible. This is the prime iteration. It is the only iteration to spin anti-clockwise. 

Stream Painting 02 is not yet available. 

Stream Painting 03 is not yet available. 

Stream Painting 04 is not yet available. 

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