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David Panos
The Figural Digital: The Problems and Potentials of the Digital Moving Image
in Contemporary Art of the 21st Century

Practical Research Submission
The Searchers (2018)

This body of work features a main triptych of three screens, designed to be viewed on large 16:9 flatscreen monitors, surrounded by a number of smaller, auxilliary screens made for small 5:4 monitors at a portrait aspect ratio.  


The work is created for a single room, where all screens are simultaneously looping. Sound for the work consists of a constant low level ambient background, running separately to the videos. This is augmented by the looped sound from the smaller screens and occasional sounds from the triptych. As this is inconvenient for online documentation, I have placed a section of the ambient sound on the first two triptych videos. Videos presented here are muted and can be unmuted in the controls. Unmuting all videos is recommended. 

The Searchers: Triptych - Les Fantômes 1

The Searchers: Triptych - Les Fantômes 2

The Searchers: Triptych - Les Fantômes 3

The Searchers: Zero Strokes (Anxiety) 1

The Searchers: Zero Strokes (Anxiety) 2

The Searchers: Zero Strokes (Anxiety) 3

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